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Meet Pam

God has given me the heart and the gifts to listen to and encourage others. I have been professionally trained to help you discover your strengths, listen for your dreams, and help you remove obstacles so that you can discover the amazing woman God created you to be! I believe once you understand who God created in you, the doors open wide as you discover a more full, satisfied, and purpose-driven life!



Life Experience
  • First and foremost I am a follower of Jesus Christ. While you do not need to be a Christian for me to coach you, I want you to understand that I am a Christian and have those values.

  • I am a wife of 30+ years and a mother of 3 amazing adult children. I understand the joys and struggles of being a wife and mom! As a wife I’ve supported my husband on several moves, seen financial pressures, and shared over 25 years of parenting with him. As a mom, I’ve had children diagnosed with chronic illnesses and depression, had a deployed son in the military, along with other hurts and joys that come along with parenting. However, all of these experiences helped grow me into who I am today. God has also used these experiences by giving me an understanding and desire to help other women.

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