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You Are Abe-L

I’ve heard it said that one’s purpose is closely tied to one’s weakness. I know that has proven true with me. All my life I’ve battled the “not enough” feelings, specifically those feelings of not being good enough or smart enough. I’ve worked hard at changing those lies and replaced them with Truth. Now, as a Christian life coach, I have the privilege of listening to other women as they battle similar lies. I can easily hear those “not enough” lies in others because I know it so well myself. I can understand their pain and struggle, and I’m able to encourage them to the Truth of who God says they are. I am passionate and consider it such a privilege to walk with other women on this journey. I believe it is a calling that God has placed on me – and something that I didn’t see coming until only a handful of years ago.

This past January I took a huge leap of faith and joined with two other small businesses to share office space in my town. It has been a dream of mine for several years to have a local place where women in the community can come together for encouragement, growth, and friendship! The dream has come true! I was humbled and in awe of what I believed God was doing, and so excited! Then something started to happen. The old Pam started to sneak back, back to those “not enough” feelings, questioning if I could really make it happen. At the same time, our winter has been filled with polar vortexes and mounds of snow, which is part of winter life in Minnesota, and it can get old. Understandably there were cancelled appointments and workshops in this new space. I had a few quiet weeks at home, and the thoughts of – “Who am I to lead other women?” and “I won’t be able to make this work!” occupied my mind. I was getting so frustrated, so down, and so discouraged!

Then there’s Abe. Good old Abe. In my devotions while reading Romans, I came upon chapter 4. It’s all about Abraham and how God used him, a nobody, to be the “father of many nations.” My faithful Father, oh so gently, reminded me that it’s not about me and what I can do, it’s about God and what God can do. Abe taught me some valuable lessons.

Lessons from Abe:

  1. Abe became the “father of many nations” because he was willing to live in the risky faith-embrace of God’s action for him. It wasn’t given to him because of something Abe did. It was based on God’s decision to put everything together for him. Abe only had to enter into it once he believed. Am I willing to live in the risky faith-embraced action God has put together for me, and enter into it?

  2. God made something out of Abe when he was a nobody. He was just a shepherd doing his job, but God saw more. I am a nobody and God can make something of me.

  3. Abe was first named “father”. It was spoken on him first. Then he became “the father of many nations” because Abe dared to trust God to do what only God could do. I need to embrace who God has called me to be, then dare to trust God to do what only God can do.

  4. When everything appeared to be hopeless (because how could he be a father at his and Sarah’s age?), Abe believed anyway, deciding to live not on the basis of what he saw he couldn’t do, but on the basis of what God said He would do! When things around me appear hopeless, am I willing to believe anyway that God will do what He said He will do?

How about you? Do you struggle with the “not enough’s”? Which of the four lessons from Abe most resonates with you? How can you move closer to believing, trusting, and embracing God’s plan for you? Take that risky faith-embraced step, no matter how small! Lessons from Abe brought me comfort for my soul at just the perfect time. I can hardly wait to see what only God can do! Oh friends, the faster we can take our eyes off ourselves, and what we can and cannot do, and back on what only God can do, the better we are at living out our purpose. We will stumble and fall, and that is okay! God works in that too! When things appear hopeless, believe anyway that God will do what He said He will do. He has His purpose for you. Seize the risky faith-embraced action of what He’s calling you to, and enter into it! Allow Him to make something of you and dare to trust that God will do what only He can do! The adventure is worth the risk, and you are Abe-L!

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