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Now THAT was a Great Summer!

Summer is such an amazing time of year! Living in Minnesota we want to soak in every second of outdoor weather and fun we can before the snow returns. We start the summer with great ideas of what to do and before we know it summer is over, school starts up, and the snow flies again. We Minnesotans love the change of seasons or we wouldn’t live here, but summer certainly is a precious commodity!

How is your summer unfolding? Are you having that great summer or has that panicked feeling set that summer is slipping away? If the latter is you, guess what – there is still time!

We have six weeks left of summer. Here are three easy steps to get you back on track:

  1. Ask yourself: What would need to happen for you to say at the end of the six weeks, “Now THAT was a great summer!”? Would it be going on long bike rides? Would it be going to nearby festivals? Would it be reading that good book you’ve been wanting to read? Would it be a long weekend away just the two of you? Would it be visiting friends or family? The list is endless! What would be on your list? Dream! Talk with your family and come up with a “bucket list” together! Figure out what you are aiming for so that you have that great summer you are dreaming of! It’s also good to prioritize your list. What are the “must do’s” and which are the “would be fun but not necessary” items. Make a list and prioritize.

  2. Once your list is complete, pull out your calendar and begin scheduling it in. It’s easy to let that part go, especially if the activities are small things, thinking you will just do it when there’s time. Life gets busy. Things get pushed aside. Schedule in those bike rides, ice cream runs, walks in the park so you don’t miss it. The other nice thing a list can do is give you a nice visual of things you have done. You may think you haven’t done much, but when you write your ideas down and cross them off as you go, you often see you’ve done more than you may have thought. Schedule in your bucket list.

  3. Lastly, it’s good to also think through what could get in the way of those planned things happening? Another invitation you weren’t expecting? Feeling too tired? Bad weather? Finances tight? What can you do to prepare for those obstacles. It’s not a matter of if, but more of a matter of when obstacles come. Have a plan in place so that you are prepared. You have choices to make, boundaries to protect, and that great summer you are aiming for. Prepare for those surprises that get in the way! They don’t have to derail you!

So you see it’s not too late to have that GREAT summer! Soak in all the sun, family time, and fun you can so at the end you can say “Now THAT was a great summer!”!

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