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New Year, New World

We are days away from starting a brand-new year! I love fresh starts! Fresh starts are a great time to reflect over what has been, and begin dreaming about what will be! Let’s press the pause button for a moment and think about this past year.

Last year I tried something new. I was told to pray and ask God to give me a word, a word that He would want me to remember and aim for in the year 2016. They said this word would help drive me, encourage me, and help bring the transformation God was looking for in me. I was just launching Living Well and had much excitement for what was to come, yet also fear. Could I really do it? What if nobody ‘s interested? But I prayed for my word. And prayed. Then something came. I need to BELIEVE! Believing that God wanted me to believe in myself, that He has gifted me with what was necessary to begin Living Well. I also think He chose that word for me as a reminder to believe in Him! Believe that He would do what He said He would do. He was calling me to a leap of faith as I launched Living Well. Believing that He did have a plan prepared for me. Believing that He would be strong in my weakness. Believing He would provide everything I would need. Yes. Believe was the word He placed on my heart. How about you? Did you have a word for 2016? I’d love to hear!

What is so sweet now is, as we’ve reached the end of 2016, I can reflect on how the word Believe has made a difference. I remember times over the past year when I stopped and thought to myself “What am I doing?” but looking up from my desk and seeing the ‘Believe’ sign a friend made for me as a reminder. I remember another time while coaching, being at a loss as to how to coach them, when the word believe randomly popped into mind! It reminded me to believe that the Holy Spirit would provide the words and wisdom needed, which He did! I can honestly say, just looking at the word (it is placed in a few places in my home) gave me peace, comfort, and encouragement I needed several times to continue moving forward. I have no doubt that word was from God for me, and I do believe my faith has grown and so has my confidence!

How about you? It is soon to be 2017. What word is God calling you to this year? Are you looking for direction in your life? Are you looking for clarity? Do you want to intentionally move forward, discovering more of what God has for you? I encourage you to pray! Ask God to give you a word. He longs to talk with you! Then, look expectantly during your day, seeing what words pop up. If a word pops up more than once, take it to God. He will confirm. I’ve landed on “focus” for my word in 2017. I know it’s needed in several areas of my life. Not exactly sure how it will play out, but I believe God does! Please share with me your word for 2017! Together, let’s encourage each other! Wishing each of you a happy and joy-filled New Year!

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