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May the Force Be With You

I just returned from watching the big screen event, Star Wars. Now for most of you, your response would be “and?” but the thing is, I’ve never really understood the Star Wars saga or even really cared enough to watch a movie. As part of our New Year’s Eve celebrations we decided to watch two of the Star Wars movies to try and bring me up to speed so that when we’d go, I’d be caught up – or at least I would understand who the characters were! You see, my husband and son are big Star Wars fans and it was the movie they wanted to see New Year’s Day. However, watching the movies on New Year’s Eve didn’t do it. Actually, it was quite the opposite! I ended up playing Words with Friends, Solitaire, thumbed through Facebook, and even had a catnap during the movies! Because of that, I said it would be silly for me to go to Star Wars as I clearly was not interested! When they go to Star Wars the next day, I decided I was going to another movie on my own.

My husband, son, and I went out for lunch the next day before heading to the movie theater. We talked about the movies I was considering going to, both that I’m sure would have been good. Neither my husband nor son had any interest in seeing the movies I was considering, which normally wouldn’t matter to me, but after that conversation for some reason Star Wars sounded more interesting to me too. My son (who had already seen the new Star Wars movie three times!) said it was so good and had everything I liked in a movie; relationships, good versus evil, and humor! Before I knew it, I heard myself say that I would go. The rest of our lunch was spent with them explaining the characters to me, who was good, who was evil, and even explained the basic storyline so that I could go in giving this a fair chance. The decision was made, I was going to Star Wars – which shocked even me. We arrived 30 minutes early, in time to get our favorite back row of the theater and our popcorn. I still sat there questioning my decision yet curious to see how this was going to unfold. The theater dimmed and the movie started. The traditional beginning started with words on the screen explaining the backstory and I thought, “What have I done?”, but soon was sucked in, and have to say, I really enjoyed the movie! Not only did I enjoy the movie but believe it was a movie I was meant to see. Why? Because it was filled with messages that I needed to hear. Let me share why it touched me so deeply.

I related to the character, Rey, a young woman that was described as a “scavenger”. She was looked at as unworthy, not enough, and an outcast. However, the truth was she was incredibly gifted, intelligent, and courageous. She was also soon to discover she had a purpose that only she could fulfill. She faced obstacle after obstacle, and while she was afraid at times, she never let the fear take over and took that leap of faith anyway.

At a turning point in the movie Rey was strapped down in a chair, being tortured by the evil Kylo Ren. He was trying to force her to tell him information that would lose any chance of the good she was called to continue, to happen. It would compromise her purpose. But then she called upon the force that was within her, giving her the power to keep evil at bay. Kylo Ren even knew the more Rey realized the power of the force in her, the stronger she became. Rey intimidated Kylo Ren! Once she realized this, she could do the impossible. She was soon telling the Storm Trooper guard to release her, leave the door open, and drop his gun, – which he did! Rey fought Kylo Ren face to face once again, and in her time of weakness, focused again on the power from within her and defeated evil!

How many of us have moments of feeling like a “scavenger”; that we are unworthy, not smart enough, not good enough – as wife, mom, employee, boss, friend. Do you have those feeling? I know I have had them! They deflate me. They distract me from my purpose. However, those are lies from the enemy who wants to distract us from our purpose, from being who God created us to be! We have the “force too – the “force” of the Holy Spirit who is within you and with you wherever you go. You are enough! You are worthy! You do have a purpose that God has designed for you to do! Not only that – He’s equipped you with everything you need to fulfill that purpose! By keeping your identity in Him and eyes fixed on Him, you have the “force” needed to complete your purpose. You, my friend, are deeply loved, enough, and worthy! May the Force be with you!

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