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6 Tips to a Balanced Life

How are you doing with maintaining balance in your life? Are you letting the days run you, or are you running your days? When our days are out of balance we can feel tired, stressed, and often times even less productive than when we are maintaining a healthy balance. Is your work consuming you? Do you have too much time with the kids and no time for you? Do you schedule “fun” into your day? Are you creating time to connect with your family and friends? How about finding time with God and renewing that relationship? There are so many things vying for our time and we can get out of balance without even realizing it. Can you relate? I think most of us can! I know I do!

Here are some ideas to consider as you seek the balance that works for you.

  1. First things first. Connecting with the One who created you is the best place to start. He knows you better than you know yourself! Go to Him with your joys, your frustrations, sharing with Him your thoughts and plans for the day. Let Him tell you first thing in your day who you are instead of allowing Facebook, Instagram, or anything that the world would say. By allowing Him in first, you are starting your day strong. If you aren’t familiar with the YouVersion Bible app, it is an excellent resource for short (less than 5 minute) devotion plans to set you off on the right foot.

  2. Think about your upcoming day. As you see what is on the calendar, visualize what a balanced day would look like for you that day. How does that look with your family, your work, with chores/errands? Of those things, what is most important, and schedule those in first. This will give you a target or aim for your day, instead of going however the day decides to go.

  3. Pay attention to your self-talk. As you go through your day, what is it you are telling yourself? Are you saying “I should…”? That can put a weight or judgement on yourself which only adds to more stress. Have a “should” free day by prioritizing what is important and letting the rest wait.

  4. Consider what your physical body needs for a balanced day. How can you set yourself up to win to make healthy food choices? How can you include exercise into your day? Can you incorporate it with something else like family time, to feel even more accomplished – and connected?

  5. Cultivate a heart of gratitude. End your days with thanksgiving for what you are grateful for during the day; the phone call from a friend, the great service at the store, the food on your table, compliment from your boss. Bringing to the surface what you are grateful for at the end of each day forms a humble heart. Thank God for His perfect provision.

  6. Give yourself grace. There will be days that it does get out of balance. In those days, ask God to guide you to what’s truly important. Sometimes we need to let go of our own agenda to make room for His. His ways far surpass anything we could ever dream of anyway, and we don’t want to miss it.

As a result of putting these 6 ideas into practice, your days will be more intentional, focused, and balanced. Life is meant to be enjoyed and balanced. God’s intention for us is to live the life He’s prepared for us and that is difficult when we are out of balance. He is faithful and will guide you to the balanced life He’s prepared for you.

If you need help finding balance in your life, I’d be honored to partner with you. Coaching is a perfect way to help discover the balance you are looking for. In coaching, you – the client – drive the agenda, steps, and outcome. My job is to pull out the balanced life that you know is in you, and help bring you clarity, set action steps, and support you along the way! Contact me – and let’s do this!

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